Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am guilty of playing solitaire on my iPhone
in bed before going to sleep. Every night.
It's an addiction.

Last night I made myself pick up the novel
I'd tossed down two weeks ago
(Let the Great World Spin)
and I feel asleep mid-chapter.
(This was, of course, post-solitaire.)

When my son asked if I'd downloaded
any iPhone games, I gleefully told him
that I'd downloaded solitaire, and he rolled
his eyes and groaned. I know he was thinking:
So lame! But he didn't say it.


  1. Ooh, you rebel, you!

    I used to have a major addiction to Solitaire but when my old computer gave up the ghost, I lost the game (which I suppose is better than losing the plot?) and haven't installed/downloaded/uploaded it onto my not-so-new-anymore lapdog. I'd be a goner, I think, what with the wakeful nights I have these days. I'd be hard-pressed to resist a game on my son's (yes!) computer though! Bless him. (I bet your son secretly enjoys playing Solitaure, too!) L, C

  2. Oops, solitaure? Perhaps that's the latest, super-duper version of the game we know. ; )

  3. I confess to a similar addiction -- but I would play solitaire at work when I was bored. Playing on the company's dime! But I had to stop. It was addictive - just ONE more game, I've gotta win at least one!

  4. I just gotta say: free cell was my addiction. No time these days, alas.

  5. I ALWAYS play one game before closing down at night. I've even got my highest score written down on a work bench behind me.

  6. Claire, Tara, Melinda, Cro: it's comforting to know that I'm not alone!

  7. OK, confession time. I play the damn game too - on the bus (if I'm not playing it at the bus stop and so miss the damn bus); on the tube (ditto, and I've also missed my damn stop). I play it instead of writing; instead of reading (I've had the same problem with FREEDOM as you have had with your novel). After I've played too much I have cards playing their own damn games in my head.

    is there any help? Could I join Solitaire Anon?

  8. I WISH I could play it but I have nothing electronic that has it (I have a Mac and the one thing I don't like about it is it doesn't have solitaire or Hearts like my olde pc, dammit!).

  9. lilyanne -- maybe there's something in us that really needs to play solitaire. Has anyone done a psychological profile of the typical solitaire player? (Ha.) I think that it's the intense attending to a solitary task that is so addictive, and I really love it!

  10. Ima, here you go: