Thursday, December 9, 2010

I could sit here and complain about the darkness but a part of me loves it, how it encompasses everything. And I dearly love the rain. But darkness + rain + driving = a particular kind of craziness.

Wasn't it just a blink ago that I was sitting in warm dusky light, lingering over a glass of Spanish wine? Wasn't I just leaning into the velvet faces of roses, inhaling their lemony-apple essence?

Apparently not.
Autumn is just about over, and I have yet to accept its presence.

January looms, with a silence known only to winter.


  1. 'January looms'...rhymes with doom and gloom but it needn't be. Winter wraps you with comfort and allows you to slow down, readying you for the faster pace of Spring, Summer and Autumn...then the cycle begins again.

    I love Winter!

  2. everything now seems but a blink ago...time is speeding up while I am slowing down. What will the new year bring?

  3. First fat flakes fell a half hour ago. They stopped now.

    Furnace failure.

    Second time in three days, third time in ten days.

    It went down to 22 last night. Right now, mid-day, it's barely above 32.

    Love, c.