Monday, December 27, 2010

Nog Circus

Prior to Christmas day dinner, I was sitting at the dining room table playing a board game with two of the boys, and R. was behind us in the kitchen whisking & whipping eggs & cream for his nog concoction: double boilers, nutmeg grater, eggshells, rum, vanilla, etc., when suddenly he let out a terrific yelp, dropped the stainless steel bowl of hot nog, which sent the eggy froth splashing in a lateral, circumferential sweep of the kitchen, managing to hit counters, hardwood floor, fridge, cupboards, cat dishes, windows, stovetop, rug, blender, toaster, microwave, wine glasses, champagne glasses, ferns, chairs, sink, dishwasher....did I miss anything? WHAT A MESS. He incurred a steam burn on one of his hands, nothing serious, but sharply painful, resulting in the sudden & fierce gravitational pull of the bowl. Paul and I jumped in with towels as R. ran his hand under a steady stream of cold water. Luckily, it was a rather large quantity of eggnog in the bowl, so all was not lost. It's amazing, though, how such a small amount becomes a really large amount when measured in splishes, droplets, dribbles and flat puddles.

(Note: the finished product, after all was sopped up, was sublime. The perfect accompaniment to my pecan pie, which I flavor with vanilla extract, Cognac, plus a splash of cheap Mexican vanilla.)


  1. After all that excitement, I'm wondering if you returned to your board (bored) game?

  2. Ack! I've burned my hand melting chocolate over a double boiler -- hurts like. Glad the remaining drink was good -- don't know if I've ever had freshly made nog.

  3. Ow! I can't tell you the times I've suffered Kitchen Ows - I am a danger in the kitchen, though I am getting better :-D

    Thanks for stopping by my place - with our horse-less selves *sigh*

  4. Hi, I'm Eddie, and here from the lovely Matguerite @ Cajun Delights to congtratulate you as a fellow recipient of her "Making Smiles On Faces Award". My culinary skills are very limited so it is with awe I look at her wonderful creations. I think if she saw mine she would have to give me a special award LOL "Hysterics - Burnt offerings in the kitchen". LOL
    Marguerite and I have been great blogging pals for about a year and she thinks I am very Canaille and has made me an honorary Cajun. As it is I am a Brit and ex ambulance man and boy, we've had our fair share of snow this year - 4 weeks of it - the worst winter since records began in 1910.
    You treated the steam burn in the best way. Nasty things are burns - glad more serious damage was not done . . . . and you were able to save some Eggnog.
    Like the blog very much ~ I'll return if I may.
    Best wishes for 2011 and hope you had a very Happy Christmas ~ Eddie

  5. wild evenings y'all have out there on the West Coast!
    glad that you all survived with minor injuries, altho i empathize with R.: those scaldy kind of burns can hurt for quite a while.
    cheers to you T.! and happy almost new year (stop by the twisted knickers for NY's eve party, ok?)

  6. Cro, definitely not 'bored'!

  7. Tara, I'm surprised you've not made nog before, being the fantastic cook that you are! It's easy, and a completely different animal from the store-bought crap.

  8. Kathryn, one of my rules in the kitchen (for myself) is no glass of wine until after I'm done using knives. Too many fingertips in the stew do not a good stew make. Ack!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Eddie, nice to see you here! Marguerite is amazing. She's my go-to person for all things Louisiana. I'm a big fan of southern cooking, and her repository of recipes is a treasure trove.

    Cheers -- and stay warm!

  10. Susan, well, it is the Wild West. (Actually, it's more like the provinces, but it's nice to have a more risque reputation. Ha!)

    Happy to New Year to you, on the other side of the continent!