Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Periodically a silence overtakes me, in either the form of a silent voice or a silent pen. One or the other. All I desire to type here is the word anyway. Followed by a period.

Every day on my commute to work I compose blog entries in my head, which evanesce the moment I have a space in my day where I can sit down and approach the keyboard. Not sure what's up, but something in the gutters and margins of my life is sucking up the words.




  1. T, maybe you're tired and your mind is insisting that it rest. Do these spells of wordlessness last long? Are you worried? Shake up your routine, go to an Art Museum, listen to a concert, go horseback riding. The words will come back, but it's hard having them in hiding, isn't it?

  2. I know just how you feel, T. Words are weird like that?






    L, C xo

  3. I suffer too. Anyway, that word, 'anyway' is not so bad as 'whatever' most seem to be uttering these days!

  4. Vespersparrow -- your comments are so very sweet and caring. But not to worry...plenty or verbal words, just not a lot on the page. Too much going-to-work is the culprit, I believe!

  5. Claire, yes, it is enough. Thx., as always.

  6. alaine, I quite agree. My mom often used "anyway" at the end of a sentence which didn't require a response. Perhaps I'm invoking her spirit, anyway. (Never a bad thing!)

  7. T., in the words of the Byrds and Pete Seeger (okay, and the christian bible):

    To Everything
    There is a season
    And a time to every purpose, under Heaven

  8. But put so beautifully (those gutters and margins...)

  9. We're into another unusually cold spell here. Snow in late November. I love the clear days, getting the sun in my bones at this time of year. Give me anything but the wind and rain.

  10. I came here via Cro and have read all your recent posts and loved them but this is the one that makes me say, oh yes, me too. You too?

  11. Sean, I bet the cold weather is certainly a nice contrast to your usual stuff (which seems to do its thing even in the summer months, I've noticed!)

    elizabethm....thank you for stopping by and taking the time time to comment. I've stopped by your blog before, not lately though, so thanks for letting yourself be known. And isn't it funny how these blog-circles overlap? When I read you previously it was well before I'd started to read Cro. Go figure.