Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Celebrating National Night Out in South Seattle

Holy crap....I'm on the local news:

Celebrating National Night Out in south Seattle


  1. it's a good thing you didn't choose that night to rob the local liquor store!

  2. How awesome is that?! I love the idea of having a block party. Makes me think I should plan one for my neighbourhood. Even though we don't have a lot of crime it is a good thing to get to know who your neighbours are. Whenever anyone new moves onto my street I bring them a card and introduce myself but a block party is a much better idea!
    I didn't know your name was actually T. Clear. I thought is was just a blog name!

  3. Tara, um, that hadn't occurred to me. Oh no.......

  4. Birdie,

    Yes, it is my name.
    For explanation, go here:

  5. Ho-ho - That was very cool!

    I'll know you if we meet up...

  6. That's you all righty -- not an imitation! :)

    Love, C.