Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Population: 3

A shift in the rhythm of life: I have a new roommate.

She's 28, with a lovely calm energy. Has taken up residence in the front bedroom, along with her grey cat. Wanted to know tonight if I ever wanted to do communal dinners — YES!!

I've dragged my feet on getting a roommate for over a year, but reality has sunk in (finally) and I pulled the trigger when this young woman was sent to me by a friend. Having grown up in a large family, I've always loved having lots of people around, and while one additional person (after my son and me) don't exactly equal "lots", it's 50% more "people" than just the two of us were.

So move over blender, coffee pot, cuisinart. Make some room sofa, table, pillow. Carve out a little space in your boundaries, self; and open up your heart/home to another soul.

(Advice to self: taken.)