Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy is the Hour

I thought we'd enjoy Tuesday Happy Hour together.

May I offer you a wee glass of my fermented concoction of cheap white swill, vodka and a vanilla bean with a float of fresh blackberries? (The fermentation has lasted two years, and it hasn't killed me yet. Fingers crossed.)

Good, yes?

I thought you'd enjoy that.

How about some music?
Ah...one of my faves — My Romance....

Damn but I love this tune. My father-in-law played this for me on his trombone at my 50th birthday party. He suffered a number of strokes last summer, and hasn't returned yet to his horn. Sixty+ years of playing.

I suppose I should offer you a snack or two.

A bite of gorgonzola?
Apple slice?
Crust of bread & such?
(You can help yourself....)

Maybe I'll pop some corn.

Shall I refresh that drink?

Now laugh:

A priest, a rabbi, and a vicar walk into a pub.
The barman says, ‘Is this some kind of joke?’
Gotta run — see you tomorrow!


  1. Unlike the 'curate's egg', this was good from beginning to end. I especially enjoyed Ms McRae.

  2. I've had entirely too much to drink over the last three days, but, yes, pour me another one.

  3. I'm with Elizabeth, your drink looks perfect. Loved the song too, thanks.

  4. oh! what a delightful cocktail party! Next time, my place.

  5. I haven't been out for cocktail hour in eons and last saw Carmen McRae in 1980. I'll brush off the cobwebs and be right over. Thanks for the invitation. Everything is perfect. xo

  6. Make mine a double. No. Make mine a triple, please!