Monday, September 24, 2007

At the bakery a customer once asked me if
there was any meat in the cupcakes. Meat!
My guess was that she was newly-vegan, and
didn't quite have the lingo down yet. I had to
surpress a chortle (actually, more of a guffaw),
and I told her, "no meat in these cakes!"
If I had chosen to include a meat filling in a cupcake,
I could've labeled them "Beef Cakes!"
But now, after my Safeway Tropicana Tilapia/Sardine/Anchovy
experience/inspiration, I could make Tilapia Cupcakes!
Sardine Oil Scones! Anchovy-Chip Cookies!
Endless possibilites.....could be the next food fad....
or perhaps not.


  1. As well you should be!

    Here's another idea: how about
    orange juice that contains cupcakes? Whaddya think?

  2. Not such a surprising question as Hostess™ products still put Beef Products on their ingredients labels. And lard is still used in some bakeries. I always query too, about everything. Take for instance the long hidden (but known by most vegetarians) fact that beef (meat!) was used in the fat that McDonalds' fries were cooked in.

    I always ask is there meat in there or is there dead stuff in this?

  3. RK: Yet one more reminder that we should be wary of what we eat.
    By the way, congrats on book #3!!

  4. I'd be more concerned with whether there was anything *living* in it.