Thursday, September 13, 2007

I ordered a dress today online, fancy
with tiny beads sewn all over, very 1920's.
And no, I will not post a photo of it on this blog.
And yes, it's a wedding dress. Or, at least, it's what
this fifty-something chooses to wear to tie the knot.
I had to buy it in a size a bit smaller than my actual
girth, as it was sold out in my specs.'s all
simple math, no? A bit of subtraction, here and there?
I love that the color is nude. Both Paul and Nelson
were very alarmed when I disclosed this detail.


  1. OOhhhh!
    I love fancy dresses and I'd wear one every single day if I could get away with it.

    Hope you post pics of the wedding so we can see.


  2. I love fancy dresses ***and*** champagne! It's damn fun to be girlie.
    xxoo to you too!