Saturday, September 8, 2007

Friday night we attended The Great Art Party,
a fundraiser for Floating Bridge Press. Paul
acquired four Bamboo Cordials (glass) by
Susan Balshor. I volunteered as an Art Handler...
three hours on my feet in high heels --
it was a blast, but, alas, my poor feet....
The color theme was orange (puke) and all volunteers
were pressed to wear orange construction vests.
My-oh-my what a beguiling effect the color orange
has on the average complexion! (OMG -- an exclamation point!)
Massive orange balloons floated above us
like bloated oranges, and all the food was orange.
(But no Cheetos. Hmm. Damn I love Cheetos.)
For entertainment there were tango dancers,
an interpretive Japanese dance,
a pair of burlesque dancers, a drag-queen dj.
And lots of silly people. Martini's, champagne, helium:
what more could anyone possibly ask for?
I absolutely cannot wait for next year's
Great Art Party. How about you? Will I see you there?

1 comment:

  1. oh, probably. But I request better drinks and better costumes. But the balloons rocked, totally. A big one floats right now in the hive.

    New computer up and running.

    More music coming?