Monday, September 10, 2007

Summer wanes, teases us with heat.
Dinner tonight under the kiwi vines,
grilled salmon, apple-pumpkinseed-red-onion'n'greens-salad,
marinated Yukon golds. Vouvray. Another white wine
with the word "ghost" embossed on the label.
Lavender chocolate, cassis chocolate.
When the light began to ease I lit two candles,
and finally the yellow-jackets ceased
their pestering.


  1. Ah, blissful indulgence, my morning dose of T.

  2. ahhh . . . this dinner is a poem.

  3. I had a tuna salad with relish and MAYOnnaise (like the county in Ireland). It was delicious. Especially since I also had toast with a butter-like substance and grape jelly.