Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Attempting to carve out a space
in my living room for a tree. Of the evergreen
variety. I miss the $5 Chubby & Tubby trees.
I saw an ad in the paper last week advertising
C & T trees at a lot somewhere out north -- Shoreline,
I believe. But without the old variety store
with its merchandise stacked to the ceiling,
it's just not the same thing. Upon purchase
of a tree, every customer was given a key,
where one could attempt to unlock the Treasure Box
in the store. One year Nelson's key opened it!
He received a $10 gift certificate, which he promptly
spent on a green fleece hat with a long tail
and a pom-pom. Our cat Tip went crazy over
the pom, and we had to make sure we put the hat
high out of his reach or he'd spend hours
chewing on it. Chubby & Tubby trees were the old-fashioned
Doug firs, untrimmed, spare, often flattened from
lying stacked one against the other. They needed fluffing.
Tree-shopping there was a source of great amusement.
And you couldn't beat the price, even when they
went up to a whopping $7.


  1. We're getting our Beethoven tree at the new fake C&T tree place, indeed, in Shoreline. Just drive down Aurora into Shoreline until you see them on the right. East.

    Rebecca, not a good giver of directions

  2. I love your directions:
    "Shoreline, right, east."

  3. Ha! I can't believe Nelson got a key that opened the treasure box! I looked forward each year with renewed optimism for my chance, and was, year after year after year, locked out. Began to wonder if *any* keys opened the box... of course they did. Good ol chubby and tubby.