Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crazy prep for the dinner party today. Costco.
Trader Joe's. Scrub scrub scrub. Tested the pomegranate
martini. Needs something sweet. (And it's not really
a martini and I really loathe this current fashion
to call anything and everything a martini
if it's served in a martini glass.) The boys
are down the street picking up tables. Julie polished
silver for me: thank-you Julie! The ice cream base
is cooling in the fridge. Reilly is starting the forcemeat
stuffing for the pork loin any minute. (Adding pears,
fresh rosemary and shallots.) I need a double refrigerator.
It's been packed and repacked several times today.
Linda brought over an alstromeria bouquet. Plates
are stacked. The wicks on the candles are standing
at attention. Pot roast for today's dinner nearly burned
from inattention. Going to my writing group tonight,
our second annual White Elephant Gift Exchange.
My contribution is a record album:
Anita Bryant, The Miracle of Christmas.
Here's a tidbit from the album notes: "Anita Bryant sings
these familiar songs of the Christmas season, and she
sings them the way you like to hear them."
And I know you are all jealous.
I just bet you all wish you could have
your very own Anita Bryant album.


  1. I have three (3) fridges and three (3) freezer's when ever needed. I will give you and Paul an early wedding gift tomorrow for your lighting needs. I also have chairs if the boys want to come down or drive down to pick them up. I say down only because you set me straight years ago that you all live uptown on Brandon Street :)) Looking so forward to this event!!!!

  2. Hey, didn't I give you the Anita Bryant album last year for Christmas? I guess I know where I stand.

  3. Pam, I believe that I live in the Upper Brandon Highlands. The boys will be down tomorrow for chairs!

    Paul, I'll have Ted burn you a disk. (By the way, we listened to both sides at the party! That Anita sure is perky!!)