Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nom de Moi

I have absolutely no time for this blog
these next few weeks but I doubt that will
keep me away from this keyboard.....
The girl who bagged my groceries at Safeway today
was named "Bionica." What if her last name is "Mann?"
Not good. The last time I picked up an RX
from the same store, the pharmacy clerk
asked for my last name, which I told him.
Then he asked my first name (ALWAYS difficult),
as it's Therese (and I can't seem to do accents here
but there are two of them, on the first and
second "e's.") Just like the saint from France.
Bona fide French name. Correctly pronounced,
it sounds something like this: tay-rez. Give or
take a gutteral "r." So, after I told him
my name, he found my RX, and said, "OHHHHH,
you mean Teresa! I just groaned. So sick and tired
of mispronunciation. Thus the pruning to the single
letter T. And what nerve from that clerk!
What did he expect me to say? "Oh, yeah, that's it!
I always mispronounce my own name! Thanks
for correcting me!"
Parents-to-be: pay attention!
Give that kid a relatively easy name!

Here are some mispronunciations (and misspellings)
of my name that I've endured these past fifty years:
Terez (actually not so bad)
...and my current favorite, my name as seen
on the Q-West (I will not say "quest!") bill : Threrse.
Please, call me T.


  1. The teller at Wash Mutual on Rainier is named Phone Tip.

  2. No way! It's a sentence!
    (And even funnier because, as you know, of my cat named Tip.)

  3. "Oh, yeah, that's it!
    I always mispronounce my own name! Thanks for correcting me!"

    HAHAHAHA. That is too funny.

    The nerve of some people!

    I vote for changing your first name to "T Rex."

  4. Peter: Can you imagine having to spell T-Rex?!!!! (I ALWAYS have to spell T. Sometimes repeatedly.)Sigh.
    (I was supposed to be a Barbara.)
    (Not that Barbara is any better.)

  5. "T. How do you spell that?"

    That still cracks me up.