Friday, December 14, 2007

Working well under pressure, although
hours and hours of sleep are required.
Wedding two weeks away: finally ordered
flowers today, over the phone. I highly
recommend Ballard Blossom. Professional,
helpful, efficient. Most of all: reliable.
Dark red roses, pale pink roses. No blushing
white. (No blushing whatsoever. Too late for that.)
Christmas tree is in the stand, albeit crooked.
No decorations yet. No lights. House is still
in complete disarray but (I'm trusting) that
will all change in the next six days prior
to the giant dinner party. I really could
use the services of a housekeeper. A live-in
housekeeper. (Dream on.) Last day of work today
then several weeks off.....ahhhhhh.


  1. you are doing VERY well under pressure. Elegance & Grace (my grandmother would be proud).
    Have a lovely month off, come back with stories galore, and know you are loved by all of us here at the Hive.

  2. Why, thank-you!
    (I'm gonna miss all that buzzin'.)