Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today is my 54th anniversary of January 31st, which is utterly meaningless. Just thought I'd mention it.

I seared a pot roast, browned some onions, threw it in the crock-pot with carrots, celery, thyme, parsley, bay leaves and lots of salt and pepper. Some days I crave meat, no apologies, omnivore that I am.

Shopped for bright! tropical! clothing! yesterday, which, needless to say in this brown and grey landscape, was not in abundance. P. is taking me to Maui in a little over a week, for eight nights. My first trip to The Tropical State. I expect to be stunned silly and even, possibly, into silence by sun, warm water and blooming flora. I also expect:
1. cocktails beginning at 4pm
2. seaside reading
3. etc.


  1. why wait until 4?

  2. ahhh.
    the pot roast smells spectacular from here!
    Maui! Tearful and I were married there and lived there for a bit. watch out for a small blip on the road to Lahaina called Oluwalu where we lived in a shack among the sugarcane fields.

    love the new header!!

  3. Melinda, you have a point.

    hand and spirit -- will keep my eyes peeled (pealed?)[what an odd phrase]!

  4. Does this mean it's your birthday?! Happy Day!

  5. willow -- not my birthday. But I will have a happy day anyway! Thanks!

  6. Enjoy every bit T Clear, esp the etc.

  7. I first read, "I SCARED a pot roast." Ha! Must be the pain killers. I'm thinking, wow, how do you scare a pot roast? Sneak up behind it? Threaten to put it in a hot oven?

    Anywhoooo....Maui will blow your mind. The smells are fantastic. You won't want to leave. Cocktails at 3, and then a nice nap before dinner.

    I'll be there at the end of the month -- we'll compare notes!!

  8. Tara !!! That must be some good percocet.

    You're the second person today to talk about the scent of Maui. I'm ready to go NOW.

  9. I can see you in bright pink! Have a wonderful trip!