Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This week lots of bloggers are chronicling their
experiences during the "oughts" -- their disappointments,
appointments, accomplishments (all things ending
in -ment, apparently). While I'm not inclined
to type a list, let's just say for those who didn't
endure these past ten years at my side that
the following events occurred:

1. opened a bakery
2. began remodeling house
3. lost husband #1
4. battled massive lawsuit
5. finished remodeling house
6. lost bakery
7. nearly lost house in lawsuit
8. fell in love
9. fell in love with Ireland
10. settled lawsuit
11. two sons finished high school
12. began new job as artist's assistant
13. got married
14. moved to the other side of the lake
15. one son graduated from college
16. travelled to Ireland, France, Italy,
Caribbean, New York, Maine, New Orleans,
Boston, Texas, LA
17. started blogging
18. continued to write and publish

Okay, so it is a list.
An abbreviated list.
But what's most important is everything
between those lines, everything left unsaid,
all the minutiae of every day that makes up
a life.


  1. That is not NEARLY all of the list, but let me say for the record: I don't know of ANYONE who could live in and through all of that with as much grace, strength or centeredness as you.

  2. Ditto, Melinda!

    I'm particularly fond of 8 and 13!

  3. I agree, K, 8 & 13.

    What an amazing list, T!! And that you survived it all!

    When is the book hitting the stands?

    Have a happy year full of special events! xa

  4. Melinda. So sweet.

    K: dear man.

    Alaine: I wish I could write fiction!
    (Or decent prose that goes longer than a blog entry....)

  5. That's an amazing summary! Has it really been ten years?

  6. Wow, you have been living and learning! I'm inspired....

  7. get zapped -- thanks for stopping by! I noticed in your profile that two of your favorite books are the dictionary and the thesaurus: ditto for me!