Thursday, January 7, 2010

Technology in Action

This is what happened at work yesterday:

My son stopped by to do some odd jobs
for my boss, and while he was there I told him
that I'd brought him a container of homemade
soup, and reminded him several times not to
forget it.

Then, of course, he left, and left the soup behind.
So I sent him a text:

"U forgot yr soup"

My son: "Who is this lol"

Me: "Duh, Mom!"

My son: "I'm confused?"
And again: "Who is this lol"

So I thought, WTF? --and called him
and said:

"What's going on with you anyway?
I told you several times that I'd brought you soup!"

My son: "Huh? Oh, yeah, I forgot it. I'll be right over."

So when he got there I asked him what he meant
by all those odd texts, and he told me he hadn't texted
me. I said that he had indeed and proceeded to show
him the three messages from him....OH NO!
I'd entered his number manually, and had made an error
with one of the digits. HA! Wrong number!
I'd been texting a stranger!
I began to laugh, and laughed harder, until I could
barely stand up. Melinda followed suit.
My son just shook his head, took his soup,
and made his exit. (Smart boy.)

By that time Melinda and I were shrieking and falling
off chairs, etc.
I decided to send an explanation to my Wrong Number.
I wrote,

"Lol sorry! Wrong #. And unfortunately u can't have
the soup."

Wrong Number texted back:

I want the soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My reply:

"I don't know u well enough
to give u soup. Just sayin'. Laughing so hard
I'm crying."

Wrong Number:

"Hi my name is dlonn!!!!!!
And I like soup lol"

And that was the end of the Texting Soup Drama.
Melinda and I finally regained our composure
and got back to production.

She suggested that I text "dlonn" tomorrow
with this message:

"U forgot yr chocolate chip cookies"

I'd bet $$ that dlonn LOOOOOOOOVES
chocolate chip cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, my belly still hurts! And it made me laugh all over again as I was working last evening. OMG.

  2. Very funny!

    Are you getting some relaxation time now that the holidays are finished?

    Love, C.

  3. What a scream!!! I'm not usually laughing this early in the morning!!

  4. Foxessa, it's back to work full steam ahead! Getting reading for some trade shows in February. Busy!

  5. wtf wto woo textin'fulios!has anyone tole you u r a total trip?!luv

  6. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That's so great!!!

  7. I'm still laughing, tears rolling down my face. Thank you so much for that.