Sunday, January 17, 2010


My late husband was a book collector, and in my
delving into his hoard of boxes, I've uncovered
countless treasures. This is one of my current

The spine is elegant --

-- as are the endpapers:

A delight of surprises awaited me inside -- scraps
from a life long expired:

There is a name signed in longhand in the front --
Burton_____, too faded to make out.

Some of the chapter titles:

-On the Mind and Its Faculties (including Ghosts and Passions)
-Artificial Aliments
-Poisons -- Suspended Animation (with a subheading To Excite Perspiration)
-Comforts for the Sick (to include Toast Water)
-Eminent Mechanics and Their Inventions
-Arts of Locomotion, of Heating, Ventilation &c.

And a bit of it's own poetry, in advice on how to
rid ones home of red or black ants:

Scald their haunts, and put Scotch snuff where they go
to procure their food.

Go here to stock up on Scotch snuff.
Scald haunts with caution.


  1. What a great book! I especially like the railroad train on the spine, but the pages & illustrations look like a delight. Those old encyclopedias are poems waiting to happen!

  2. How lovely, a real treasure.

    The Scotch Snuff comes with a warning 'This product may cause mouth cancer'. I think I'll give it a miss!

  3. What a tonic you are, T. Clear - it's always a treat to pop in here.

    And what treasures this encyclopedia holds. Poetry indeed!

  4. I'm always thrilled to find little bits of bonus material in vintage books. You've got some treasures!

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  6. oh! what a treat! what a find! i have a couple of books like this i've picked up but they had none of the treasures tucked away inside.

  7. Wondering if Scotch snuff will work on what's eating my rhodies...

  8. Just got a shiver looking at these again--a bit like Mark speaking to you beyond the grave--or is that just too weird?

  9. What wonderful images. They evoke a time and place, a whole era.