Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coming down, calming down.
But back to earth? Never.

First Thursday tonight on the arms of my two
beautiful young men, R. and N., pummeled by rain.
The main attraction for us was the Helen O'Toole show
at Linda Hodges Gallery. Check it out!

We popped into Davidson, then Grover Thurston,
before heading up the hill to Lark for a pre-birthday
dinner. (Well, "pre" by just a few hours.)
Lark is small plates: farro, yellowfin, endive, rillettes,
honeycomb, hazelnuts, delicata....this list could go on forever.
The best part was that R. treated. And of course,
post-election glee was still in the air, albeit somewhat worn out.
(As I am.)


  1. Yes, yes! Happy (almost belated) birthday to you!

    Can you hear Polly and me singing to you, all the way from Austin?

  2. So THAT'S what that sound is!!

    (Many thanks.)


  3. .......and many morrrrrrrre....twa, la, la, la, la..........