Friday, November 28, 2008

I exist in the post-pie slug phase, the carb-hangover fog.
Cast adrift in the haze of dishes-still-to-wash,
the remnants of candles and crusts,
empty bottles of Louis Perdrier Brut Excellence.
(French Champagne for $8.99 at Whole Foods.)
(Yes, that's right: $8.99.)


  1. I had unusually partaken of caffeine -- a light cup of coffee -- about 2 PM yesterday. We didn't even leave for Harlem where the feast was hosted this year until 6:30. Even though we didn't get home again until after 2 PM, I was still buzzed from the coffee and couldn't sleep.

    So my grogginess today isn't even a carb hangover, but lack of sleep.

    We have to work too, since yesterday we banged out a grant proposal, which is due and needs to be refined, support letters begged and so on today.

    Love, C.

  2. C. -- Good luck with the grant writing!