Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Night Truffles

From top to bottom:
Diablo Truffles
Espresso Truffles
Toasted Pecan Truffles

(Birthday present for a friend.)
(Kitchen therapy for me.)


  1. Beautiful! My birthday is coming up...

    D and I made truffles a few years ago too. I think this picture shows how much effort/mess goes in to the beautiful, tidy little finished morsels! This is a shot showing mid-process and finished product. I have a futher apprecaition now for every truffle I sink my teeth into.

  2. tofu -- right you are. But the fun part is the lovely chocolate treatment that your hands get!

  3. i poked around in here through COllin's blog and there is something very relaxing about your blog. it makes me want to curl up at a fire and have a fattening delicious dinner.
    love your heron pictures.

  4. maggie may -- you are welcome to come to dinner at any time!

  5. MM: We'll even light a fire! But you have to go to the gym with us the next morning.