Monday, November 3, 2008

Cooking dinner for, oh, maybe ten on Tuesday,
a little election night soiree, and the prep is well
underway. Paul suggested the menu be foods from
Kenya, Kansas and Kuaui, but the triple K's are just too scary!
I opted for Indian, and there is Chicken Tikka
marinating in the refrigerator. Some paneer
is cooling and draining on the counter, and an
apple-walnut cake is rising in the oven.
(I think that soon we're all going to rise up
and sing Hallelujah!)
Tomorrow I'll make Tarka Dhal, basmati rice
and a yogurt-cabbage slaw with cashews, honey & grapes.
(This comes after cardio at the gym, voting [lines?]
and a 5-hour shift at work.) (Sometimes it feels as if
I were any less busy I'd fall off an edge. Any edge.)


  1. Never, ever, in my years of voting for president (going back to 1980--and let's not talk about that one) have I seen or heard about so many election night soirees. Oh, God, let us celebrate tomorrow. And if it takes three weeks, let us celebrate then.

    Your feast sounds delicious. We're heading over to the neighbors' house. They're hosting a little block party.

  2. From the atheist Jew: when I listen to Obama speak, I think...yes, he MUST be the second coming of Christ. I'm anxiously awaiting this time and your black and while food sounds good.