Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Soup

A little homemade chicken stock, some canned tomatoes,
corn, leftover potatoes, cilantro, cumin, chili powder, avocado,
a squeeze of fresh lime: supper.
Paul: "This is good. You really worked hard on it."
Me: "I did?"
Paul: "Yeah, you started it last night, worked on it this morning,
then finished it when you got home from work."
Oh. I guess I did, but I don't really consider it work.
It's as if he said, "Wow, T., you really worked hard breathing today."
And breathing is just something I do.


  1. Often, my first thought of the day is about what I'm going to fix for supper! But it feels far more like a privilege than a responsibility. Time in the kitchen is like time spent coloring (I still love to color) or making a greeting card or arranging a vase of flowers. I get to be creative and there's something tangible--better yet, edible!--to show for it. I love being the one who gets to fix supper.

    I only wish I could photograph food as well you do, T. Man, that soup looks good!

  2. nita -- yes, it is a privilege, thanks for reminding me. It was a privilege years ago when I was truly scraping by and it's a privilege now in this new and joyful abundance....

  3. Oh, I admire you both. For me, it's still mostly a trauma (and my first thought of the day). But I do find that I enjoy cooking the most when I don't have to cook (or please diverging picky palates).

    The soup looks beautiful. I especially like the presentation of the avocado slices on top.

    (And I'm impressed that you remember to take the photographs. Tonight, again, I forgot.)

  4. joannie -- I must say, it makes a BIG difference when the person I'm cooking for will eat just about anything (except for cauliflower and brussel sprouts!).