Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brenda the Five Chickens

Once there were five chickens all named Brenda.

They were, in order:
& Brenda.

Brenda had five combs.

Brenda had ten wattles.

Brenda ten eyes.

Brenda had ten wings,
but couldn't fly.

Poor Brenda!

Brenda had ten feet.

Brenda had forty toes!

Brenda's heart beat 1560 beats a minute,

and every day Brenda layed five eggs.

Brenda was many colors:
red, gold, black, amber, beige,
white, yellow, mahogany, caramel,
chestnut, coral, peach, salmon, copper,
garnet, rust, lemon & mustard, but not blue.

(Brenda was also not green.)

(To be continued.)


  1. actually, Brenda was buff. All of her.

  2. Here Brenda Brenda Brenda Brenda Brenda!

  3. When I started reading this, I began singing: Brenda the chicken to the tune of Frosty the Snowman...

    Brenda the chicken
    was a jolly happy hen,
    with her five bright combs
    and her forty toes
    and her eyes that numbered ten...

    Brenda the chicken,
    had ten wings but never flew,
    so she laid five eggs
    as her heart beat fast,
    contemplating lack of blue...


    Her wattles shook
    as Brenda took
    a stroll on her ten feet.
    She had no green -
    That did not mean
    her colors were not sweet.

    Brenda the chicken,
    may her story yet unfold.
    For there is no shame
    in a common name
    May she lay an egg of gold...

    Peckity, peck-peck
    peckity, peck-peck,
    Look at Brenda go -
    Peckity, peck-peck
    peckity, peck-peck,
    scampering to and frooo-

    heh heh... just couldn't help myself...

  4. OMG Patrice you have REALLY outdone yourself here. I am laughing so hard!
    I'm never going to look at a chicken (or five of them!) the same again!

  5. I think Patrice wins the Comment of the Year Award!

  6. Aw shucks... er, I mean clucks...