Sunday, September 27, 2009

These days I sleep with a small fan beside
my bed, and it's a curious thing that when
I lie down to go to sleep, the fan is essentially
silent, but somehow, by two or three in the
wee hours, its decibel level manages to rise
to nearly that of Niagara Falls. Think of it:
when we lie down at night, our ears/brains
are buzzing with all that we've heard and
taken-in all day long. By the middle of the
night, most of these distractions have slipped
off the radar, and we're left with a glaring
example of the Here and Now, in this case
a small roaring fan.


Cooked like a fool yesterday:

sesame tofu and stir-fried bok choy, cabbage & carrots
with a sesame/tamari/ginger/garlic sauce;

a Southwest chicken & rice with fire-roasted
tomatoes, jalapenos, topped with toasted pumpkin

a layered apple cake which is surprisingly
low in fat/sugar but packed with flavor.

These cooler days and nights spark the culinary
imagination. Time to roll out the pumpkins
and the winter squashes!


  1. I just finished dinner - a hamburger broiled on the Lean, Mean Grillin' machine... and I'm full - but I read the lovely things you post and my mouth waters in spite of myself.

    Oh how I wish I could afford a cook! I'll never be one myself - and I'd always rather be painting than cooking - but that doesn't mean I don't have an appreciative palate.

  2. T, I run a small, noisy fan every single night to drown out any noise that might wake me and send me into busy brain and no sleep at all. It works....white noise, gotta love it!