Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A loan, a bear.

I have a dear friend (brilliant, compassionate,
very funny woman with a marvelous artistic temperament)
who has accrued enormous student loans in pursuit &
attainment of a PhD. So what happens now?
She goes back to college to get a degree which will
provide her with a job that pays well enough
to allow her to pay off above-mentioned loans.
Here's the best part: her current employer will
pay for her schooling. I mean, the schooling
to get the degree to pay off the PhD loan.
Some crazy stuff.

(This same friend was hiking on Mt. Rainier
recently and encountered a bear. An elusive bear.
And where did Mr. Bear go? They did not know.
It was a speedy mile+ back to the car and they
expected Mr. Bear to pop out at any moment
and bare his bear-teeth. Yikes.)


  1. Aw gee, that is some crazy catch 22

    I've got a friend who failed at her first attempt at her doctoral thesis. She's happy, has a great family and house, her own company but yet she still want the elusive PHD. I don't understand it - I find it an elitist thing.

  2. This is not the topic of your post, but I would like once again to praise the sheer luminous gorgeousness of the colors of your food photos.

    Love, C.

  3. When I was growing up I was called the 2nd grade equivalent of an elitist because I always got the words right on my spelling tests and (usually) completed my sentences. Because I was a voracious reader I had an above-average vocabulary. The PTA folk in Renton always thought I was a tad too intellectual and as a result I've learned to embrace the term "elitist". PhDs are just another way to follow your passion.

  4. Foxessa: too kind!

    RobinB: Renton. PTA. Need I say more?