Thursday, December 17, 2009


I spent an hour on the phone with a customer service
rep. at Amazon yesterday. On the phone. I'd received
their email notification stating that if you ordered by
December 17th, you were guaranteed Christmas delivery
with the spend-$25-and-get-free-shipping-option.
Well. Hrrmmmph. Not exactly, apparently.
It's only on certain items, but the rep. had no idea
just what those items were. And how many items
does Amazon sell? Hundreds? Thousands?
Hundred of thousands? And there I was, thinking
that by placing my order on the 16th, I was in like Flynn.

I am quite successful with the squeak/wheel/grease
routine, but an hour on the phone to an internet company!
Cheezitz Crisp. That's ridiculous.
My hands were going numb from holding my little Nokia.
(Yeah, I could've probably gone to speaker-phone, but
that would require knowing how to do that.)

Ended up with almost everything shipping immediately,
with the promise to credit me the $50 shipping charges.
($50 to ship it less than 20 miles to my house is NOT free.)
We'll see if that actually happens. So much for feeling
smug doing all my shopping from the comfort
of the couch.


  1. Sorry for your internet shopping woes T. but still had to smile as your situation reminded me of an adventure I had. I ordered a dvd boxset from their website and paid for express shipping or some such thing. When it failed to show up on the day of the birthday and then failed to show up at all! I wrote a firm but polite e-mail followed by another and on the saga went! Then suddenly all within about 3-4 days of each other three separate deliveries of the ordered dvds arrived (about a month too late it has to be said!