Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sorry folks. No inspiration these days.

A full moon tonight, lambent above the Bellevue
skyline. It made the congested drive home

It's December. All I want to do is sleep.



  1. WAKE UP! Traffic snarl on 5 and 405 all the way to Canada and the other direction to Oregon.

    Take alternate routes when you can. I suggest go to Yakima, cut over to Wenatchee, then Stevens and home. Simps.

  2. T--this is a first for me. I looked up lambent on "". I've been enjoying the full moon, too. How's your back? Have you tried Aleve? Call me--I have to tell you about our trip to the emergency room in Eugene.

  3. Hibernation season.

    Time for dark, cold fantasy adventure.

    Except, contrary to the forecast earlier this week, today it's sunny and 66 degrees.

    Love, C.