Friday, December 18, 2009


All I want to do is bake.
Great heaping mounds of cookies
and pies and tiny cakes iced and double-iced
with warm ganache. Loaves that thunk
when tapped, impossibly tiny tartes with berries
and apples and plums and peaches (not all in
the same tarte). Generous sheet-pans
of almond-studded toffee, heavenly divinity,
pumpkin bread and date bread with walnuts
and lemon cakes and marshmallows speckled
with vanilla bean specks and candied orange rinds.
Bake bake bake.

But who will buy?

I need a bakery, a patisserie, again.

It's time.


  1. omg it all sounds so good. can you ship anything? set up a paypal account and people can buy on line? I would!

  2. Ha now I must go off and buy something sweet because of your descriptions!!

  3. its past time and reilly too and i'll do plates and hang quil;ts on the walls!!!

  4. They sound sculpturistly lovely.

    Love, C.

  5. i would buy! i had butter out softening all day and never got to baking. this will be my first christmas without home-baked cookies. home-baked by me, i mean. i have already had dozens pressed upon me by friends, most of which i have (of course) already consumed... what will i do on christams eve??