Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This Cheerful Gloom

The rain is back after a sub-freezing spell
and when I heard it pelting the skylights
last night it felt as if an old friend had returned.
And this early darkness makes me giddy
with glee. I can't walk around saying this
because most of the people I love feel otherwise,
but this is my blog and I'm sayin' it.
The more ominous the clouds the merrier,
I say. Light the candles, turn up the music,
pop open the wine. Get lost in your favorite book.
It's winter. Enjoy it. It's not going away.


  1. I'm in whole-hearted agreement with you T.Clear. Best to nestle right into it. I have a candle burning here in NZ and it's not quite 10 in the morning. The wind's blowing, rain pelting down on my studio roof... like you, I love Weather. Perhaps there's something about its unpredictability that enables us to look more kindly on our own?

    Hope you enjoyed your day off and had a chance to replenish.

  2. Ha Ha, can' fool me - you're wearing polypropylene and a layer or two of fleece. Gore-tex and mittens are at the ready and you're hoping the wind doesn't blow too hard and then be w/out electricity for 12 hours.

  3. And we're going to swelter today in 37C heat and high winds! Enjoy your winter; I love it too; can't wait!

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  5. i love it, too. i like watching the sky out my backyard, changing from blue to white, grey, pink. i like sitting in my hot tub while the cold rain pelts my face and the winds howls around me.

    Through another log on the fire! Turn on the tree lights! Grab an afghan and a good book. I also love a single malt, aged whiskey on a day like this. mmmm....

  6. PS...that would be "throw" another log on the fire!

  7. To many I know its strange but winter is my favourite season. Except for the floods of recent weeks, I like the rain and gales!!

  8. My organs of sensibility vibrate in sympathy with yours, needless to say.

    I am re-reading The Hobbit for the first time in many years. The LOTR series I've read in entirety probably 100 times, so I don't need to ever re-read it. But I've probably re-read The Hobbit about 6 times at most? The first pages seem like a different book from what I've believed I remembered. Ho Ho Ho.

    We have parties every night through the weekend starting tomorrow, so it would be better for it to me not so cold and not to rain. But, there ya go. It will be what it will, and I shall enjoy it whatever it is. 'Tis the season for friendship and love.

    Love, C.

    P.S. I'm so glad you are now yellow -- I can see the letters again!

  9. Foxessa said "'Tis the season for friendship and love." -- I can't help but think that this blogging community extends this season to the entire year. I raise my glass to all of you who read and comment here!