Monday, December 14, 2009


I've been given the gift of a day off tomorrow
and for that I am grateful. (Thank-you, Miss M.!)
Today at work I read and reread an order wrong,
substituting the words delicate leaf and rose hips
for branch; and oval for fishbowl. A brain disconnect,
sizzled wires, synapses akimbo & askew.
After some futzing, I realized that the items subject to
my misunderstanding had already been completed
and were ready to pack. Oh! Altogether too easy.
Or: altogether too easy to misunderstand. Or not.
Something! The day off is timely.


  1. I hope the day off brings some refreshment.

    Love, C.

  2. Thanks, F.

    It's my book-group holiday party tonight, chez-moi! They'll have vacuumed floors. Lucky them.

  3. These painted glass containers at the top of your blog are just stunning! I love 'em! The yellow and colors are something to bathe my brain inside and out....gorgeous!
    ps. I saw a truly large red bowl yesterday that looked much like Fiestaware and I thought of you!

  4. Ima, thanks! That was some seriously meticulous painting. Indeed, colors are sustenance for the brain.