Thursday, January 28, 2010


On a day off, indulging my love of the dictionary:


Ten days straight of work, and now this soft day
of sleep and quiet play. Listening to Pandora,
a Baguette Quartette station. Ah, lovely stuff.
There's lasagna bubbling in the oven and a chopped
salad ready for oil & vinegar.


In my dream last night I was swinging from a rope
strung from the upper branches of an apple tree,
and I could go as high as I wanted without bumping
or snagging. Below me were about twenty women,
and I was reciting spontaneous poetry about the joy
of the moment. Awake with exhilaration!


Cheap wine from Whole Floods: sour.


What is there to be said about January,
about winter, that hasn't already been said?


  1. "What is there to be said about January,
    about winter, that hasn't already been said?"

    Has anyone said that it sucks?

  2. great dream, T.

    Cheap wine? Shame on you! :-) I tried 2 Buck Chuck from TJ's, and it was terrible. Oh well, sometimes i try to be economical with wine, and it always backfires on me.

    Here's something about January: I go through a lot of towels drying off the dogs and wiping mud from their feet.

  3. i can say something nice about january.
    the daffodils are blooming.

    please don't hate me.

    wv backwort

  4. Tara, I couldn't agree more on the 2-buck Chuck. Should be called 2-buck crap, IMHO. One of my lifelong quests is to discover great wine under $10/bottle. We now have a personal wine shopper! I know, it sounds very bourgeoisie, but it's not. She specializes in lower-priced Spanish and Portugese wines, and sells by the half case starting at $50. We get the full case for $150, and haven't been disappointed yet. She used to deliver; alas, now we must pick up, but you'll hear no complaints from me!

    hand and spirit -- you obviously inhabit a different planet, and the glow of my envy is surely visible in the night sky!