Thursday, January 14, 2010

This man is nuts.

Pact with the devil?
Obviously, the millions of Haitians whose
lives have been devastated by this event
need to take responsibility for it.
Anyone can see that they brought it on themselves.
I suggest that Mr. Robertson, to atone
for these outrageous statements, go to Haiti,
roll up his sleeves, and help dig people
out of the rubble.

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  1. A class act, all the way. Now I wish I'd contributed to the 700 Club instead of to the earthquake relief fund at Yele Haiti.

  2. that hurts my head

  3. Oh, T. Clear, this is appalling.

    There have been decades - centuries - of pain in that small wounded nation. And now this tragedy...

    Perhaps those of us at a physical distance could light a blaze of candles as a way of adding energetic ballast to the practical aid being offered to the Haitian people?

    A great many compassionate individuals and groups are being moved to act... It's easy to feel helpless to help at times like these, but there is always a place for 'ministry in absence.' I am not a 'religious' person, but I do believe in the healing power of the collective. A candle may be 'just a candle' but it can be much more than that, too, especially if the flame keeps us mindful of those suffering people and our thoughts are loving.

  4. Ditto what Claire says above. Unbelievable.

  5. He's been spouting garbage like this for decades. He's also blamed 9/11 and Katrina on America's sinful nature, especially tolerance for homosexuality and abortion. And of course he was one of the original public proponents, along woth the late (but not late enough) Jetty Falwell of the pleasant theory that AIDS is God's personal thunderbolt at the gay community for their "abominations". This is not a guy you go to for "Christian compassion".

  6. Oops! That's Jerry Falwell. Sorry for the typo!

  7. What does it say that this "man" actually has run for president in this country. Unbelievable.