Thursday, October 27, 2011

Equal Temperament

More about this later.
My head is too filled up at the moment with the science, the mechanics
and the mathematics of sound.
Got it?
Me neither.

\sqrt[12]{2}=2^{\frac{1}{12}}\approx 1.059463094359295264561825294946
\approx  \frac {18}{17}=1.05882352941176 (98.9545922303676 CENT)
\approx  \frac {107}{101}=1.05940594059405 (99.9066043792227 CENT)
\approx  \frac {11011}{10393}=1.05946310016357 (100.0000094845790 CENT)
\approx  \frac {18904}{17843}=1.05946309477106 (100.0000006728490 CENT)


  1. Hmmmmm. But I do know about the rule of 17.835 which is the precise system of measuring fret positions on a guitar. (It used to be known as the rule of 18; hence some odd sounding early instruments)