Friday, June 5, 2009

Coming out my writing group last night just after
sundown, a great wind suddenly kicked up in the
90-degree, very still air. As I drove down the hill
heading towards home, the low-lying air looked
strangely yellow, so I took off my glasses to make
sure they were clean: they were. Because it's been
so dry and baked these past few days, the wind had
picked up the dust and spent blossoms and everything
was swirling -- at first I thought it was a pale yellow
rain, but nope. A Dorothy-Gale-In-Kansas moment.
Spectacular and eerie, with bits of branches ricocheting
off the windshield. No thunder, no pelting rain.
Just an awakening to cooler air this morning, and clouds.
It's June. In Seattle. Again.

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