Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kingsville, Day One

One of my rituals whenever I check in
to a hotel/motel/other is to read the hotel
handbook, generally a 3-ring binder with lots
of ads for local chain restaurants.
The editor in me always hopes to find some
delicious typos or misspellings or odd syntax,
and this time around I've found a particularly
amusing sentence:

" can enjoy Bird watching or Family gatherings,
graduation parties and etc at the Recreation Hall."

All this at Dick Kleberg Park. I thought we'd swing by
there this morning and drop in on a graduation party.
Maybe find us a Bird to watch, or a Family. And needless
to say, I'm awfully intrigued by etc. Not quite sure
what it is, but it seems to be some kind of code
for a fabulous local activity.


  1. You have to be careful paying attention to such things. My daughter has got to the point where the milk carton has to be turned face forward in the fridge because of the random capitalisation in "We are the Farmers Who work the Land And grow the Crops To feed the Cows That give the Milk For you to Enjoy!" We won't even begin on apostrophes. It's a slippery slope.

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  3. Mairi, you're right. I'm beyond help, at this stage. Alas.

  4. When I'm looking in the binder at the restaurant ads, I'm looking for a place to eat!

  5. "and etc". I love that: whoever was "writing" this just couldn't be bothered to think of any other activity. Still, Family Watching is hard to beat, if a little creepy!