Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reilly talked me into a bottle of Remy Martin
V.S.O.P., which made for a suitable toast
for our dear Alice. I've always believed
that having pets helps us practice for the death
of loved ones, readies us for the Big Ones.
But my sweet sons, well, they did it backwards.

Alice: torty, ornery, weighed 8 oz. when we
adopted her, rescued her from certain death
on a cold October Sunday. Her favorite activity
was fierce biting. On her first Big Hunt she brought
me a rather large worm. Purred like a pan
of corn popping. In fact, she loved to eat popcorn.
And she sang: long drawn-out feline syllables.
Very small brain, but we loved her nonetheless.



  1. "torty"??

    In any case, I remember Ruby cat, at age 18+, having a "stroke" or something similar coming down the steps in the year 2000. I had a counselor's appt. with Dad and son, in less time than I could drive there, and I looked at her, picked her up, and put her on the couch. She looked kinda scared, and dazed. She was still there 2+ hours later. We spent $700 that night trying to save her, in an "animal hospital", only to put her down. These things are hard.

    I am sorry your sons had to do it "backwards" -- I agree with you about these losses potentially readying us for the "Big Ones".

  2. "Torty" is short for tortoise-shell.

    I remember Ruby completely consuming a pot of catnip on my front steps. She was a nice cat.

  3. of course you love her! an eight-ounce kitten. oh my how sweet. even if it did bite.

    i know you miss her.

  4. Alice was a cat's cat: Loved sleeping in the sun, loved lying in bed with her pet humans, loved to eat! She had a great life with you and the boys.

  5. Cats have distinct personalities & it's tough to bid them farewell; as K said, sounds like she had a good life tho.

  6. Seventeen years is a long time to be buddies, even when it never feels long enough. Every loss is hard. Good thoughts to you.

  7. T, I thought I left a post here last night. What a terrific loss. My heart goes out to you and your entire family. From one torty lover to another, you are good and will have a special place for being kind to her and letting her sleep in your bed and your hearts.

  8. ps. Oops, I left it on the post below