Monday, June 29, 2009

Sun! Where am I?!!
This can't be Ireland.

Errands today, groceries, phone.
Paul lost his prescription sunglasses.
I asked for garbanzo beans in the store
and was met with a blank stare. Ah..."chick peas."
The regular trolls were at the bar
in Matt Molloys, where I sipped a brandy-port
and 'himself' downed a Guinness.
Stopped at all our regular haunts:
Seamus Duffy Books, Empowerium,
The Record Store. Our little wine shop
has been replaced by a realtor. Ezio of Mediteranneo --
our favorite restaurant -- has disappeared also.
A lot of the merchants, when I asked how they're
weathering the recession, said that they're just
barely hanging on. The next ten weeks or so
will be good, as the town fills up with tourists
such as ourselves.

And it goes on.


  1. Realator is not an improvement on a wine emporium.

    Love, C.

  2. I'm so looking forward to hearing of your Irish adventure.

  3. Foxessa, I couldn't agree more.

    Thanks, blackbird!

  4. westport, county mayo. sigh. it's been too long.