Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hard-working hands.

Often the by-product of my job is as beautiful
and colorful as the actual product. Today I exclaimed
over my fingers, a damp paper towel covered with
paint splotches, and smears of a plum-colored
paint on a piece of parchment.
I'll take beauty wherever and whenever it occurs.


  1. I love beauty in everyday occurrences.

  2. When are you going to show us what you paint, T? Can you?

  3. Alaine, check out the blog of the artist I work for (click on the flickr photos on the sidebar):


  4. Oh, my, T. -- this photo is incredible. I much prefer the artistic mundane to the artistic arranged. (Well, with many exceptions, including the incredible, incredibly artistic work of your employer.)

    The point is, though -- your eye is VERY focused. Everything from color to composition came thru in that photo. Loved it!

  5. I went and had a look, very pretty stuff. I love the damask; I had a light fitting and the shades I found in an antique shop had damask painted on them. Unfortunately, I left them behind when we sold the house.

    Thanks for that, it would be rewarding work.

  6. Really a terrific photo. I love this.

  7. You're not packing with those hands, are ya?