Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I had a breakfast burrito this morning
and it cost all of $1.10.
It was absolutely fantastic -- ultra-fresh
flour tortilla, chorizo & egg.

We drove through a dust storm.
And I was told, when commenting on the heat,
that "it's not even hot yet."

Alrighty then.


  1. Ultra-fresh is certainly key to goodness enjoyed!

    Thank you for stopping by APOGEE Poet. I appreciate your comment and welcome your visits. I'll come back and look forward to enjoying your posts as well.

  2. ha, ha, nice that you are experiencing REAL heat! Today it will be 100 degrees in Austin. May I please move to Seattle and experience some rain and coolness?

  3. I implore you to all come up here to Canada where it's a delightful 68 degrees.

    That main street looks like a hell-hole.

    Big box stores may be convenient but they don't make us freer. They take away the option to think for ourselves.

  4. It's a miserable 61, overcast, damp and drear here, as it's been all freakin' month. I've never known a June like this in NYC. This is the month of roses, strawberries and green gold.

    Love, C.