Friday, September 25, 2009

Melinda and I are doing the centerpieces for the
Poncho Auction. Poncho is a Seattle organization
which provides significant funding for local arts
organizations. Since 1963, they have raised 34 million
dollars to support over 200 arts groups. Not a shabby
reputation! This means that the past month has been
spent working on 70 large pieces: unwieldy, demanding,
gorgeous. Yesterday as I was finishing up (Yay!) the last
of the vessels, the resident cat decided to get inside
the vase I was painting. Silly kitty!

Here's some detail work on one of the pieces:

This is intense and fussy work; I've been making an extra
effort to keeping the paint off my hands. I've always
stayed away from paint of any kind: art, wall, etc.
It makes me crazy how it manages to get on everything.
But the rewards of working with these colors have been
great -- this job has allowed me to expand my brain
and allow paint into my consciousness in a positive manner,
and it makes me happy (when it's finished vexing me!).
I call it color therapy. I recommend it.


  1. Paint, paint, paint! It's paint therapy.

    I no longer own any clothes without somewhere - some tiny speck or large splotch - of "color" added. It makes for lots of thrift store shopping.

    The work is beautiful and I just love the kitty seen "through a glass lightly"...

  2. That's beautiful--plain & simple.

  3. That is so, so beautiful, T. You're very talented and I, too, would be happy doing such work. I hope you keep a portfolio of the pieces you do; would be wonderful to look back on down the track; and to show your grandchildren!

  4. Gorgeous, T. I wish I had some time off coming up - I would hop down to Seattle to check out the exhibit.

  5. Color therapy--as long as it isn't lamp black?

    Beautiful pieces, T.

  6. I have to give credit to my "boss", Melinda, who designs the work! Because of her, I get to spend a lot of time playing with paints.

  7. I cannot believe he hung out in there, waiting for you to snap the photo...

  8. Well, Melinda, he didn't. I went and grabbed my camera, and he was out. So I told him to go back inside, and he did! What a cat!

  9. He's a total lovable goofball!

  10. Oh I love this! Your painting is just terrific!