Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Female Energy

If someone could figure out how to harness
the power generated by a menopausal woman's
hot flashes, we could power the planet.
Think of it, girls! No more HRT, no more
dread of the suddenly-a-sauna effect!
We could actually look forward to this
time of life, and its income-generating

Scenario: you are waiting for a flight
at the airport, and a fellow passenger loses
battery power on his laptop. You just plug
the computer in to your convenient yet-to-be-
invented device, take his credit card, (charging
by the minute, in this case), and voila! Power!
In so many ways!

And environmentally sound. I'll get to work
on this.


  1. I am already looking forward to that time in my life. Instant sauna? Yes please!

  2. Ugh, I remember it well but got through without HRT. Life's so good the other side!

    Very funny post, T; I reckon it'd work!

    And, what about when you get out of the car and get a shock touching the car door? My Dad's 'electricity' used to stop watches!

  3. Why didn't I think of that, back when I still had the power? That's brilliant!

  4. Tofu -- I spent five days in NYC a year ago in my own personal sauna. It was hell. (The sauna, not NYC!)