Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday, finally.

Today is my first day off after eight days
of working with a f---ed-up back. It hurts
to bend. Don't even mention twisting.
Thankfully the knees & legs are springy.
And now I can get up off of a chair/sofa.
These are good things.
I must remember to be thankful for even
these infinitesmally-wee improvements.
Wee-er than wee. Wheee. No.
Wii. Again, no.

There was a menu in my dream last night which was about 700 pages long and the waitress was getting pissy because I couldn't decide what to order. There were pages from my mother's 1950's era Betty Crocker cookbook, beat-up and falling-out. Entire chapters of alcohol and desserts. And it kept growing. When I decided I'd settle for a plain old sandwich, I couldn't find those pages, and then wool skirts and blazers suddenly began to fall out of the menu, all in dull-brown tweed. The hostess walked up to the front of the restaurant and shouted The sun is shining! Everyone applauded.

Not a particularly thrilling night in dreamland.
I woke up hungry.


  1. So that's way you stopped by for a drink! I understand.

    Here's what I did for chronic lower back pain. Visited a back specialist, he found problem, had steroid injection in disc, did a month of specific exercises for that part of back. Now almost no pain. I just need to continue exercises (which are fairly simple and easy to do.)

  2. Oh, poor T. I do sympathize, having been there (and been there and been there). If I may make a suggestion - there's a blog that offers tips for dealing with back problems, among other things. It's called FeelingFabulousDarling. While you're recuperating, you may want to take a look.

    I hope you get your back back soon.

  3. I'm so sorry for your back condition.

    I was disabled by mine yesterday, to the point I couldn't attend the concert last night.

    It was wet and very cold, snow fell in the night (though it didn't stay, thank goodness). Funny how immediately this weather condition affects my condition.

    Love, c.

  4. Thanks, Sandra, for the link. I would very much like to Feel Fabulous, Darling!

    Foxessa, so you share this wretched curse as's to a general thawing of all contorted muscles.