Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We buy eggs from a teensy shop (about the size of the average bathroom) called "Christie's Harvest" -- the proprietor gets them from local farmers, and you can hand-pick the ones you want. They're nestled in quaint little baskets complete with natural-style-Easter-basket-straw. All very cute.

So, this morning, I cracked one into the pan, and it was rotten. Runny, FOUL, the most ungodly, honest-to-god FOUL ROTTEN EGG STENCH one could even remotely imagine. I nearly vomited my empty stomach right there into the sizzling -- yes, sizzling ROTTEN EGG -- pan. I couldn't get it to the sink fast enough, the hot water wouldn't get hot fast enough, the fairy liquid wouldn't squirt out fast enough, I couldn't get my hands to manipulate the scrubby fast enough, the mess wouldn't disappear down the drain fast enough. YEEEECCCCCCHHHH. I haven't smelled anything even remotely resembling that since an experiment I performed on Christmas day in 1967 with a chemistry set my brother gave me.

Hours later, I'm still in recovery.

It was a genuinely rotten eggs-perience.


  1. Sadly this the result of having free-range hens. They tend to lay all over the place, and one never knows how long they've been there. One should only ever colect from well established nests; leave the others for the production of chicks.

  2. This is why I have oatmeal and toast for breakfast.

  3. your horse video and other photos are so gorgeous, i *still* want to go to Ireland!
    (and, i believe there is a lot of oatmeal eating there, yes? could be the reason....)

  4. The equivalent over here was a rotting potato. I'd placed a 5 lb sack in a spot that was dark and I thought cool, but evidently it also gathered humidity.

    In one day a potato began to rot. I caught it just in time to save the rest, but the smell of that one! Couldn't even leave in the garbage. It had to go outside.

    Love, C,

  5. Susan, yes, oats galore!

    Foxessa, I'm familiar that stench and rotten. One day? Seriously?!!

  6. I feel for you and your terribly stinky experience -- but I think I have you beat with the rotting raccoon under my deck last month. Or the skunk that sprayed our dog IN our house last year. Just sayin'.

    I love how nothing worked FAST ENOUGH! Don't I know it.