Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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And so it's back to the routine, and I am glad for it. My time in Ireland was so intensely packed with visual/musical/poetic imagery, I need some time to let it all sort itself out, to settle the rearing and reeling horses of exhilaration. Get a hold of the reins, as it were. The work I do for a living is good for this as it's often of a meditative nature. And then the people I work with -- all artists in their own right -- are a continual inspiration with their expanses of knowledge and expansive wit. I will miss, however, the ample swaths of time in which I indulged myself these past three weeks. But contrast is of utmost importance: yin and yang, zig and zag (Cheech & Chong). Amen.

And I will remind myself that All Things Are Not Beautiful:

Time to swear off anything made of plastic. On a remote
beach in the wild West of Ireland, I photographed these
eternal remnants of human existence. And they were not
few and far-between, but every step of the rocky way.
"Butterlicious" was exactly how I found it: upside down.
And may I add that I saw a Butterlicious container
on EVERY beach I visited.


  1. Butterlicious must taste good.

    Yes, I was just washing the car with my attachment plastic scrub brush....and filled the plastic gas can to fuel the plastic gas lawn mower, but first I had to move the plastic lounge chairs off said lawn.

    It goes on and on....condiments in plastic...laundry detergent in plastic...medical equipment...diabetic supplies...asthma inhaler...pill bottles. Shit. No wonder every beach had a tub of Butterlicious!

  2. The Plastic Planet and the Plastic Oceans.

    I'm personally responsible for a whole lot more plastic in our life in terms of food, cooking, transporting, etc, than I am in NYC. Is it because there's a house? Because when we shop for groceries it's for at least 10 days, whereas at home I do one large shopping per week which is what the spouse and I can carry -- in our own reusable bags -- and then shop almost every day for other items, brought home in a reusable bag? Everything around here comes in layers of packaging. And bag after bag.

    Love, c.

    Love, C.

  3. I've always rather liked beach detritus. At my UK home town (Brighton) we've recently had hundreds of tons of sawn timber come ashore. Even some plastic objects can be interesting. Certainly photogenic.

  4. we recently saw the documentary 'tapped' which has me swearing off bottled water - and to try and reduce plastics in all things.

    a very sobering fact in the film was regarding how much plastic ends up being consumed by fish and other oceanic life which of course then goes on throughout the food chain....

    the photos has a weird type of beauty to them however

    ironically wv is river!

  5. dear T.,
    i highly recommend this film, about the cornish coast, and what washes ashore.
    i stumbled across this website ( a few years ago, ordered the film, watched it, and then went walking along cornwall coast for a week last's that powerful!