Friday, September 3, 2010

I not only left the battery charger for my camera at home, yesterday I broke the card reader. Two years ago I dropped my camera in a parking lot here (and the camera snapped a last shot of our horrified faces as it plunged to its death), and P. dropped his (accidentally) in the toilet in the men's room at the cafe beside Yeat's grave. Something uncomfortably poetic about that, I fear. So far the score regarding cameras is Ireland: 3, Me: 0.

I'm hoping to find a cable/cord that not only uploads the photos but also charges the camera through the computer. Am I asking too much from the universe?! In the meantime, I have my iPhone camera, which is actually pretty darn nifty. No close-ups, though. (So that means no macro shots of a leprechaun's nose hairs.)

Today is the last day of sun. We're going to head out to Doo Lough and Killary Harbor, a favorite destination for both of us --


  1. Sorry about the bad camera-Karma T. You seem to be doing just fine with the Iphone though.
    I've always felt the Irish countryside somehow etches itself on one's skin.

  2. I'm really, really disappointed we're not going to be able to appreciate the nose hairs on the leprechauns you encounter, T. Drat. Sigh. Weep.

    3 - 0 is quite a score. Hopefully it'll be upwards and onwards (for you!) from Doo Lough and Killary Harbor... how beautiful it looks.

  3. Is that a Leprechaun lower left of lake picture? Or just someone looking for a camera down a hole?

    Whichever, he/she looks well wrapped up!

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  5. Cro, yes, I'm married to a very tall leprechaun! And I believe there was a gale blowing the day I took that photo.

  6. Wow, beautiful! And yes, your cameraphone shot looks great, even blown up (my phone's camera is utter carp). (Utter, I say, carp.) Anyway enjoy the gales, and post more snaps! BTW, love the teapots, brings back mammaries. (That is, memories.)

  7. Hi there - I found you via Marguerite at Cajun Delights - she is at this mad BBQ party hosted by Karen G which everyone seems to be tuning in to - a great way to get more traffic and followers. I live in Ireland so she thought maybe you are near me - sadly you're not - miles away in Killary up in Mayo. Lovely country there isn't it? Drop by my blog/follow it - I'll follow yours as it looks like fun!
    All the best on your travels - Catherine.

  8. Sean, I hate to say this, but your mammaries are just full of carp. (Eeewww.)

    Catherine -- don't you love Marguerite's blog?! She's my source every time I need a southern cookin' recipe. Thanks for stopping by -- I'm on my way now to visit you! (Your blog, I mean.)

  9. Oh, just beautiful country. I have always wanted to see Ireland, but don't think I will now, at age 70 with a disabled daughter. But I can come into blogs like yours and see such wonderful photos. (I LOVE your header photo!!)

    I found you through KarenG's famous BBQ and am glad I did. I hope you'll come over and meet me too. I'm now a follower.