Sunday, September 5, 2010


I am having fun.

1. at the present time; now
2. up to a particular time; thus far
3. in the time still remaining; before all is done
4. from the preceding time; as previously; still
5. in addition; again
6. moreover
7. even; still
8. though the case be such; nevertheless


1. I am having fun at the present time.
2. I am having fun thus far.
3. I am having in the time still remaining.
4. I am having fun as previously.
5. I am having fun again.
6. I am having fun moreover.
7. I am having fun still.
8. I am having fun nevertheless.


  1. It's an explosion of FUN! Travel is grand, and you are obviously a good traveler. Love your images. I look forward to my pastel sent in the post all the way across the ocean, then all the way across the continent.