Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Beach

Another sunny day -- the rains are scheduled to begin Saturday. Yesterday's temp was 78 degrees, the warmest I've experienced on this island. P. and I sat outside last night at The Clock (pub) and enjoyed an aperitif COMPLETELY RAINCOAT-FREE. Many a time we've hunched at one of the few outdoor tables here sipping our drinks, zipped up to our skulls, desperate for some outside time, silly and shivering.

Turlin Strand, despite the glacial chill of the water, was glorious. I barefooted-it through tidepools, completely unaware of time passing. No watch. No cellphone reception: just the inexorable turn of the planet, a subtle shift in shadows as the afternoon waned. P. dozed on the bank.

And half a dozen little boys, oblivious to anything other than their industry of filling and refilling with sand a convoy of toy trucks. An older man (grandfather?) and teenage boy keeping pace with each other running back and forth just beside the breaking waves. Pinking skin everywhere. Children in wet suits and boogie boards testing the surf.

I didn't want to leave. Ever.


  1. thank you for taking us there, too! Love those boys and their urgent task.

  2. Tara, thank you for watching that wee video! I always wonder if anyone will bother to take the time. Blogging, like most of writing, can be a lonely (pre)occupation.

    I always appreciate and look forward to your comments, BTW.

  3. Tell me this video wasn't made via your phone?

    It's so sharp and bright.

    Alas, for me, for some reason, the horse video won't play.

    I keep checking back, but it's not.

    Love, C.

  4. Isn't it curious how quickly you forget about watches and schedules and hadn't you better hurry on to the next task, when you're having a great vacation? I'm in Umbria right now and I tell you, I have forgotten where I put my watch...

    I love those little boys.

    Belinda x

  5. lilyanne -- it's with no small delight that I forget the existence of a time-keeping device! Where in Umbria are you? A few years ago I spent two weeks in the foothills of the Appenines, up the road from the hamlet of Corposano...exquisite!

  6. We're further down, I think - nearest town of any distinction is Orvieto, about 20 minutes' drive, not that we have done it yet: we're saving that excitement for tomorrow's street market. We are between two little villages, Montegabbione and Fabro, neither of which has a single work of art, so (a) no tourists apart from us, and (b) excellent real shops. So we can loll about swimming or walking or eating, or else get up astonishingly early, drive like demons to look at glorious things in Arezzo or Sansepolcro or Assisi, and then collapse again. How bad can it be?

  7. I think Arezzo has a Saturday market that is rather astonishing...antique furniture all set out for the day in the central square, which is on a 15% grade. I recall one vendor selling only used prosthetic eyeballs. Had you had any boar or squab (pigeon) yet? Ah...the wine, the cheese....

  8. Ah the wine, the cheese, indeed. And the tomatoes! I'm posting an ode to tomatoes on next Tuesday Poem's blog.
    Yes indeed, Arezzo does have that amazing furniture market, but I have never spotted the prosthetic eyeball stall. If that ain't worth the journey, I don't know what would be! I'll let you know...
    I can't bear to eat pigeon because I hate city pigeons so much - rats with wings in my book - altho' I know the ones in restaurants aren't the same, but it puts me off anyway. Boar? Yes indeedy, last night we had pasta with a wild boar sauce. Sigh.

  9. Foxessa, can you believe it? I LOVE my iPhone. It's the best $200 I've EVER spent. Try the horse video directly on youtube. It's the one you loved so much two years ago :)

  10. Ah!

    Still, others might have the same phone camera you do, but they'd never achieve the gorgeousness that you do.

    Love, c.