Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The boys and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie
last night (while our June monsoons wailed outside)
and there is one thing for certain: Stephen Spielberg
sure does like those aliens and those flying saucers.
Geez. The giants ants were almost worth the price
of admission, especially when they crawled en masse
down one of the villain's throat. There were few old-guy
jokes at the expense of the 65-year-old Harrison Ford,
and he appeared to have the spring and flexibility
of someone 40 years younger, though that might have
been the work of stunt-doubles. I nearly nodded off
several times, but there was usually a special effect
inserted at just the right moment, almost as if Spielberg
was saying, "now, I know it's past your bedtime, but this
oughta keep you awake for a while!" Predictable, corny,
and at $10.25/ticket, you'd be better off to wait for it to
hit Netflix.


  1. Hi, there...

    Well, I took my Dad to this movie 2 nights ago -- after we moved my Mom into a Nursing Home -- so that he could have "some fun". It was VERY disappointing. Never bought into the story line, and all the special effects, although somewhat better than the prior, seemed contrived. Hard to even engage the attention for 2 hours. The ants were my/our favorite, as well. NOT recommended.

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  3. I couldn't even look at those ants. Yikes!

  4. Linda, sorry to hear that you had to go the nursing home route, but perhaps it will be easier for all involved. Hang in there. xo --T.